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How to add pole based classes to your current gym or fitness facility mini course

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  1. Why pole at the Gym?
  2. History of pole 
  3. The benefits of pole and pole based classes
  4. Decide why you want to add these courses to your existing gym
  5. What classes you would like to add 
  6. How many poles will you need to start
  7. How much space do you need to conduct group classes
  8. Group classes vs personal training or both
  9. Safety first
  10. Types of poles
  11. Types of classes
  12. Pricing
  13. All about parties
  14. Using parties as a revenue stream
  15. What will people say
  16. Plan of action to get started
  17. Promotion of classes 
  18. Is it only for the girls
  19. Insurance
  20. Finding Instructors