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Become a Certified Polga Instructor or become a Certified Polga Gym or Studio.

Interested in your gym, yoga studio, or fitness studio becoming a licensed Polga (pole yoga) Center? 

Please fill out the form below and we will set up a meeting with you to discuss how you can add Polga to your existing schedule even if you don't currently have fitness poles.  

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About the Training

What to expect! Upon registering for the training we will ship your Polga (pole yoga) pole and instructor manual. While waiting for your pole and manual to arrive you can log into the portal and begin some of the fundamentals work.

Pole Fitness has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and of course, yoga is forever popular in the world of fitness.  Inspired by the movements of pole dance/pole fitness and the poses of yoga, Polga combines fitness elements—including Pilates, dance, yoga, functional training and of course pole fitness.  All are highly effective in improving cardiovascular health, muscle development and flexibility. As interest continues to rise, pole-based classes and workouts are quickly becoming a cornerstone of group fitness programs.

The Polga (pole yoga) Instructor Training course will teach you the foundations of Polga (pole yoga) while adding skills and techniques that will set you apart from other instructors in the industry. As pole fitness continues to grow in popularity, the demand for pole-based instructors continues to rise. The Polga (pole yoga) Instructor Training course will not only position you competitively in this market but will also provide you with skills and techniques that are applicable across all fitness genres.

You will learn:

  • The principles and foundations of Polga (pole yoga)
  • A detailed manual with video support
  • A proven approach to designing and teaching Polga classes
  • To properly execute and teach basic Polga (pole yoga) movements with variations and modifications
  • How to add a layer of intensity to your classes so participants can feel accomplished
  • Class structure
  • Marketing
  • Practical teaching drills include cueing, correcting movement and class design to help you teach Polga (pole yoga) confidently by the end of the training
  • Successful class design
  • Using music to provide motivation, excitement and joy.
  • Teaching instructors how to apply the Polga (pole yoga) Principles to create classes that are effective and fun while still being safe.
  • Using inspirational, passionate teaching to keep classes full and clients coming back for more.

The Polga course focuses on learning the essential repertoire of Polga movements and how to put them together using the Polga Fitness Programming system to design and deliver successful and effective Polga (pole yoga) classes.

The Polga (pole yoga) Comprehensive program provides instructors with everything they need to teach a variety of 30 – 60-minute classes, or using Polga as part of personal training options.  



It's as easy as 1-2-3

1.  Complete each unit, one at a time.

2.  After completing all units, take the final Polga Fitness assessment and submit a final video.

3. Receive your Polga certification and get added to the Directory of Polga Certified Instructors!