Pole Yoga For Beginners Course

All you need to begin your Polga Journey. If you want to become more flexible in mind & body in the next 30 days then this course is for you!

What the course includes:

16 modules which include tutorials, routines, & meditations and your very own Polga (pole yoga) Fitness Pole.


Become More Flexible

Do you want to feel better, be less "stiff", be more fluid in movement, and be able to "touch your toes"?   Polga is one of the best ways to improve flexibility and your course includes pose breakdowns of some of our most popular poses & routines


Become Stronger

Polga allows you to find muscles you did not even know existed.  In a matter of weeks you will see tremendous improvements in your strength.  The course includes strength & conditioning moves, poses, and routines that is sure to make you stronger.


Improve Focus/Relaxation

Enjoy the benefits of mediation and relaxation with our guides meditation & relaxation modules. 


Get Started Today!

Gain flexibility, strength, and focus in the comfort of your home. See how Polga (pole yoga) can have a positive impact on your life!


Kansas City Pickup

Live in Kansas City and want to pick up your Pole at the Stiletto Gym? Order here and we will contact you regarding pick up options!