About Polga Fit


Polga (pole yoga) takes pole fitness and fuses it with yoga to make a great workout that can be done in your home or in a group fitness setting. 

Welcome to the exciting new fitness concept that is Polga (pole yoga).  Polga, increases balance and coordination, adds strength and flexibility, and is so much fun! Polga increases the range of motion for more effective body training. Combining pole fitness with yoga is a truly universal workout covering a whole range of aerobic, stretch and core muscles. When yoga is combined with the pole a whole spectrum of moves can be incorporated and included into a fitness routine.  Polga (pole yoga),fuses pole fitness and yoga. Polga takes your basic power or hatha yoga poses and utilizes the pole for stretching, strengthening, and alignment.  

Our online and studio studio classes range from 30- 60 min in length and are a great for beginners to advanced. The class is very fluid in nature and is a great cardio workout. “Just imagine your favorite power yoga or cardio class being done on or near a pole”.  

  Pole Yoga is not a new thought; the concept of Pole Yoga has been around for many years. There is an ancient yoga practice called Mallakhamb.  Mallakhamb is a traditional Indian sport in which a gymnast performs poses and feats while hanging from a vertical wooden pole or rope. The origins of Mallakhamb (meaning "man of power" or "gymnasts pole"), which is yoga, practiced on a wooden pole and on rope (mainly practiced in India), may date back to 12th century, but the discipline is suspected to be formed as recently as 250 years ago. A second discipline directly relating to today’s pole dance known as Mallastambha (meaning "gymnasts pillar") was used by wrestlers to build up strength. Polga (pole yoga) is the fastest growing fitness system and is sure to make it's mark in the fitness world. 

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