Polga (pole yoga) Basics Beginners Course

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Have you dreamed of getting more flexible and becoming stronger using a fitness pole? Curious what all the hype is about pole fitness? Love yoga? Then let us introduce Polga (pole yoga), "where yoga meets the pole". We have come up with a Polga for Beginners Course that will introduce you to and show you "Polga for Beginners". 

This Beginners Course has 16 modules including pose breakdowns, types of stretching, and meditation/relaxation. Plus Bonus Nutritional Guide!

Purchase your Polga (pole yoga) for Beginners Basics Course.  Course includes sixteen modules which covers:

1.  Installing your Pole

2,  Pose Breakdowns

3.  Polga Workouts

4.  Meditation & Relaxation

Bonus:  22 Meditation Scripts


The pole is the most fun & effective way to improve your flexibility and strength when combined with yoga, let me show you how?  

Hi my name is Carla & I am the creator of Polga (pole yoga) fitness.   I have owned my own pole studio since 2006 and have trained over a 100.000 people using the pole for fitness & fun. I developed Polga (pole yoga) because I figured out very quickly that combining pole fitness with yoga was the best way to stretch & strengthen for any age, shape, size, or fitness level.  I have trained people who have never worked and athletics, all using the same poses, postures, and movements.   “I am not sure how anyone stretches without a pole”. 

Pole fitness is more mainstream than it ever has been and you now see pole fitness in FItbit commercials, it is considered an official sport.  So if you think that poles are only used in strip clubs and if you think only strippers use poles, think again.  

See how Pole Yoga can change your life, mindset, and body.  You won’t regret it.  
Start today on your very own Pole Yoga Journey! 

For only $19.75 you can get started today!