Kansas City Live Polga Instructor Training

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Have you wondered how combining the Stripper Pole/Fitness pole and yoga could transform your life from the inside out?  Well, wonder no more.  

Learn how combining POLE FITNESS with YOGA can transform your fitness business from the inside out with our Live Instructor Training 

Cost $525.00  ($425) if you enroll by April 10th 

Payment plan is available so enroll today 

Enroll before April 10th and receive $100 off using code LIVEKC

Register for this 2 Day Live Pole Yoga Instructor Training in Kansas City!

Bonus for registering before April 3rd you receive $100 off !

Have questions before enrolling?  Give us a call 816-256-5040 or email training@polgapoleyoga.com.  

The creator of Polga (pole yoga) will be hosting this Live Polga Instructor Training  that you don’t want to miss.   You must register by March  so you are eligible for $100 off.